Where To Find Us?

Sugar Cubes Rewards

Before we show you links to find us on other platforms, lets talk about our rewards program. We offer a rewards program through Smile.io. When you signup for the program you get rewarded, when you have a birthday you get rewarded, when you follow us on other platforms you get rewarded, when you spend money you get rewarded!

  • Signup - 100 Sugar Cubes
  • Birthday - 100 Sugar Cubes
  • Follow - 25 Sugar Cubes
  • $1 Spent - 5 Sugar Cubes

When you hit 100 cubes, you can redeem them for a $5 discount.

To signup hit the button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen!


Not only do we provide amazing lightweight earrings, we post unique content other places too!


If you prefer to shop on the Etsy marketplace, we've got you covered! Our entire catalog is available on Etsy.


You like stories? So do we! Follow us on Instagram where we frequently run giveaways and other promotions. Our catalog is also available for purchase directly within the Instagram app.


Yup, were here too. Are you detecting a trend yet? You can ALSO shop our catalog right on Facebook. 


If you are still reading and haven't found a place to follow us yet, head over to Twitter and follow us now!